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Support Materials - Proposals

The Completed Projects section of this site gives several examples of the kinds of teaching resources the English Subject Centre has been involved in developing. These resources should not be seen as exemplars, however, they could potentially provide a template for further work in other areas.

Similarly, the Case Study of the Text and Playhouse MA Programme, taught jointly by King’s College London and the Globe Theatre, can be seen as an example of one way of documenting curriculum development that supports a link between research and teaching. However, this project can also be seen as a model for managing an audio-visual database of information about any subject.

Proposals which either follow on from these initial efforts or which suggest new avenues of investigation will be warmly received by the English Subject Centre. Therefore i f you have an idea for a resources you would like to develop to support your teaching and learning please complete the 'proposal form' on the English Subject Centre website.