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Support Materials - Introduction

The aim of this area of the website is to provide a range of materials to assist colleagues who would like to develop their own digital resources, either by themselves or with the help of their local Educational Development Centre or Computing Services. This site provides advice and ideas in a number of areas. It also aims to encourage discussion and debate on this topic.


The button on the navigation bar entitled Discussion will direct you to the section of the English Subject Centre messageboard which deals specifically with C & IT. It is possible to view the postings in the area you are interested in by simply clicking on the folder name, however, in order to contribute yourself or start a new topic of discussion you will need to register.


The Proposals button on the navigation bar will point you towards our proposal page. Following on from the projects we have already conducted, that can be found in the Completed Projects section of this website, we hope to encourage greater collaboration in the future between individual academics and the English Subject Centre in terms of developing new resources. If you have an idea for a resource or project please fill in our proposal form.

Generic Tools

The English Subject Centre has, for some time, been developing a range of useful webpages which outline the use of currently available generic tools for the creation of digital resources. This page draws these resources together in one place and also points users to resources outside the English Subject Centre site that might helpful.

Teaching Tips

This page offers a general overview of the issues that arise in teaching using digital resources. It also draws together the materials that have been created in other parts of the English Subject Centre site, along with links to articles about specific teaching experiences that have been published in the Newsletter and Bulletins.


Copyright is a major issue when dealing with digital resources and colleagues must be aware of the implications of copying and reusing materials from the Internet in their courseware. This page gives a basic introduction to the issues of copyright and points users towards other useful sites that deal with rights management issues.

The Support Materials Section as a whole is designed to be a starting point for users who are not familiar with the creation or use of digital resources for teaching. It can, however, also be a focal point for discussion and debate for more experienced users of digital resources. Please let us know if there are resources that you would particularly like to see on this site that are not currently available and we will do our best to be responsive in this rapidly changing field. Contact esc@rhul.ac.uk.