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Designing Shakespeare


The web pages in this section have been created to illustrate the way in which resources from the Designing Shakespeare Project* can be used to develop a visual argument online. The aim of this section of the Digital Resources site is to present three quite simple resources based around the following areas:

a) Politics and Performance of Place - looking at a two productions that use visual metaphor

b) Character and Representation - looking at transgendered casting in four Shakespearean productions

c) Audience, Actor and Space - looking at responses to the performance space at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

These three sections have been woven together to develop an argument about the ways in which theatre artists have used visual metaphor and spatial relations over the past 40 years, to create an engagement with the audience.

Colleagues are encouraged to use these resources as they appear or to adapt them to their own purposes. The three themed sections form an argument but can also be used in isolation, in any order. The three sections are supported by several productions summaries that may also prove useful in teaching

These pages are accompanied by a step by step guide which will show how these pages were made. The aim of this part of the Digital Resources initiative is to show ways in which individuals, without a great deal of time or expertise, can develop teaching resources that suit their own needs using already existing materials on the web.

* Designing Shakespeare: an Audio Visual Archive, 1960-2000 is an AHRB funded research project that is now hosted on the Royal Holloway website. The Collection contains 1097 production listings with full production details, many of which also have photographs to illustrate them. There are also audio and video interviews with theatre designers and VRML models of the theatre spaces most often used for staging Shakespeare in Stratford and London.
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