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Saturday 22 October, 2016
Pool resources for English lecturersRead Rosie Miles' blog ' A year in the life of e-learning in English'After English - a website for students thinking about what to do with their English degree.Why Study English - a website for those considering the study of English at University

Welcome to the website of the former English Subject Centre. In collaboration with colleagues nationwide, the Subject Centre worked for eleven years from 2000 to 2011 to support the development of teaching and learning in English Literature and Language, and in Creative Writing in UK higher education. This website, which is now in the care of CCUE, the Council for College and University English , houses a large proportion of the resources generated or collected by the Subject Centre. You are warmly invited to explore its contents. They include a wealth of resources organized in thematic and curriculum areas; case studies, project reports, and links to electronic versions of printed guides and other publications. The Subject Centre team hopes that all these – so far from being a static or historic archive – will continue to influence and inspire colleagues in the development of inventive teaching and imaginative procedures for learning.

If you would like to find out more about the history and mission of the English Subject Centre, you might be interested in this article from the final issue of the Centre’s WordPlay magazine. This mission is now being continued by Dr Nicole King, as English Discipline Lead at the Higher Education Academy. If you would like to order hard copies of publications, please e-mail the English department at Royal Holloway - english-department@rhul.ac.uk

Website highlights

Two new seed guides published
Just published: Our last two Seed Guides!
Hot off the press are two new Seed Guides to compliment the series started last year. The first holds a bumper crop of short but stimulating ideas for seminar activities written by and for English lecturers - Pick your Own: Ideas for English Seminars. The second guide contains detailed accounts by lecturers in English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing of innovative approaches to teaching in their discipline - Best in Show: Case Studies in Higher Education English .   
The Pool - OER Resources for English Teachers
The Pool
'The Pool', is a collection of Open Educational Resources to support the professional development of English lecturers and to help you share teaching ideas with each other. We’ve designed it to inspire thinking about the formative relations between educational practice and the scholarly study of language, writing, and culture. It’s free and easy to access and contribute to.
Teaching the New English
Teaching the New English
These pages contain information about the Subject Centre’s innovative joint book series with Palgrave Macmillan. Comprising fourteen volumes (with more forthcoming and more being commissioned), these are books written by experienced discipline scholars about teaching. The series exemplifies and promotes imaginative thinking about the exigencies and opportunities of curriculum, classroom, and both face-to-face and online interaction.  Ben Knights is the series editor for Palgrave.
Case Studies archive
Case Studies
Browse the Case Studies archive for the ideas that might stimulate your own adventures in teaching and to uncover fascinating experiments in learning and teaching in the subject. There are over 100 case studies here, written by HE colleagues and taken from their own and their students’ experiences. Topics cover specific literary periods and areas, assessment, the student experience, employability, e-learning and much, much more.
Report Series
Report Series
Between 2002 and 2011, the Subject Centre published 26 reports, covering subjects ranging from transition to online teaching, and from teaching Creative Writing to surveys of the HE curriculum. Recent reports included in-depth studies of the NSS in English and related subjects, and detailed studies (based on interviews) of how students experience English. All are available electronically through these pages.
WordPlay Issue 5
Read the WordPlay magazine archive for articles, reviews, and reports written by HE colleagues in the subject and providing a vibrant, reflective and discursive forum for teaching and learning issues. The archive contains Issues 1-5, published between 2009 and 2011.  WordPlay replaced the English Subject Centre Newsletter (published between 2001 and 2008) and both publications are available to download or read online here.
Multimedia on the website
There are many multimedia resources to be found across our site. You can watch lectures and seminars, theatre productions, enter virtual worlds, and revisit keynote speeches and conference papers on a range of subjects. Two good places to start are our own media player or our resources on Vimeo the online video resource.